Where we take pride in refinishing your family heirloom back to its original glory!
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dGRAY's Furniture, LLC
Restoration & Refinishing

  • Repair & Refinish your piece of Furniture
  • Resurface your piece to "Freshen"
  • Repair broken pieces for use
  • Restoration of missing veneers
  • Remanufacture missing pieces
  • "Paint" pieces with colored Lacquer
  • Your "Custom" designed and manufactured in conjuntion with Doug Cone, ACW.Inc.

Some of the Services that we can offer!
Questions? Call 804-261-3679
We do offer "on-site" touch up services to cosmetically address and touch up small nicks and blemishes on your furniture at your home or office.
Download our Refinishing Process file for a step by step description of our procedures or on resurfacing and general  cleaning info
Damaged in a fire, painted to hide damage.
Stripped, Repaired, Replaced Veneer and Finished
back to a warm walnut to compliment the set.
After Finishing